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Quality Appliances “4” Generations
The Bain family has been involved with the appliance industry since the 1920’s, selling Beatty copper tub wringer washing machines door to door throughout Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.
In the 50’s brothers E.J. Bain (Jim) and T. Bain (Ted), each then with 25 years experience, opened Bains Washer Store on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg.  Between the two of them they claimed ” half a century in the washing machine business”. During that time they supplied families with some of their very first automatic clothes washers and dryers.
During the mid 60’s and throughout the 70’s another generation of the Bain family, Jim Bain, opened a store on St. Mary’s Road in St. Vital.  Washers and dryers were now a household must, and automatic dishwashers were making their way into the kitchens of Winnipeg.
By the 80’s the third generation was into the business, yet another Jim Bain.  With expanded showroom space at 481 St.Mary’s Road, they were able to offer all the latest in household appliances.
The family tradition has continued on with brothers James and Christopher Bain, now the 4th. Generation.  The desire to offer the absolute lowest prices, while at the same time not willing to compromise quality or performance, is what the family is all about.

Together with almost family Tony Dolenuck (over 30 years) and Conrad Doerksen (over 20 years), some of the very best experience and simple old-fashioned know-how has been passed down making Bain’s Appliance Sales one of the most trusted places to shop.

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